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What types of skills or credentials are required?

Integri-Spect “Home Inspections with Integrity” is locally owned and operated in Green Valley, AZ by Fred Waggoner. As an experienced safety and facilities engineer with over 25 years of corporate inspection experience, I have inspected complicated industrial facilities and systems throughout the world, encountering and advising on significant technical and standards challenges. However, I find that inspecting residential homes presents far greater challenges, due to the diversity of technical issues and challenges of communication.

Recognizing defects and deficiencies requires effective observation skills. Being able to recognize and “communicate” the findings of a home inspection requires a disciplined and experienced approach. Knowing how to communicate both good news and bad news requires diplomacy and tact…something I have learned over 25 + years of communicating safety issues with persons of all levels of education and viewpoints…from corporate executives, engineers, managers, customers and line employees, to peer engineers and technicians. The home is one of the few remaining things that a consumer purchases which is hand built…and altered. Different home designs and construction approaches require a broad range of systems experience with in-depth technical knowledge and disciplined observation skills.

Potential home owners cover a larger range of the socio-economic spectrum, and similar to the diversities of the corporate world, effective communication with homeowners requires knowledge, tact, and diplomacy. Most inspectors have broad construction backgrounds and can easily describe details of code and proper construction techniques…can they communicate with you in a non-alarming manner? Integri-Spect can…Fred has completed over 2800 Home Inspections in Arizona since 2006. Call Integri-Spect and find out why we say “Home Inspections with Integrity”.

Fred Waggoner, owner and manager of Integri-Spect, LLC                 Fred’s Qualifications

  • IBM (retired) Advisory Environmental Health and Safety Engineer Real Estate and Site Operations-Facilities Engineer-Manufacturing Engineer-Program Manager
  • Registered Professional Home Inspector (#44413) in the State of Arizona as recorded with the State Board of Technical Registration.
  • HUD REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) Former Certified inspector.
  • Former Special Government Employee – California OSHA consultation                                                     office (Cal/OSHA) Special Team Member (IBM representative)
    • Certified Safety Professional (retired) Board of Certified Safety Professioanls



  • B.S. Degree: Manufacturing Engineering / Technology, Weber State University

  • Masters Degree program: Human Factors Engineering/Egronomics, San Jose State University


  • USAF: (1969-1973) Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician (HVAC-Electrical-Mechanical-Plumbing)
    388th Tactical Fighter WING – South East Asia
    Staff Sargent – 56TH Special Operations Wing South East Asia.

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